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Gain an EDGE on your competition. Our sports performance staff is made up of former athletes who are dedicated in helping athletes play at the highest level.


Summer Edge (2)
1 Month | $180
2 Months | $340


Edge is 4-week sports performance program that will be housed in the CNOS Fieldhouse that will provide a competitive EDGE to the athletes in the Siouxland area. Baseline data will be gathered upon starting the program on day one. After the initial testing, our coaches will take you through functional moves geared toward improving speed, power and mobility. The program will include a maximum of 7 kids per coach and will be an hour session twice a week. The sessions will be either on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

Second Month will be a more specific movement to Sports the athletes are playing. Times will be released in mid-June.


Edge Kids (1)
2x / Week
8 Sessions for $100


Cardiovascular fitness and increasing strength help to refine motor skills and neuromuscular control needed as physical changes occur in adolescents. The program will focus on the basics such as balance, coordination in running, and push up strength in our youth development group then progress into increasing strength with weight-bearing exercises for our middle school age group to refine athletic skills and improve motor control.
*This program is not sport specific, meaning, all skill levels are welcome. It is our goal to instill proper movement technique and body awareness into our participants as a way to peak interest in future participation of sport.
Summer Edge (1)

Individual Sessions | 45 Min | $25
Team Session | 1 Hour | $100




Laura Groseth is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Coach and former NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She has been training and coaching in the fitness industry for 5 years after playing 4 years of collegiate volleyball for the NAIA. For the last 2 years, she has been coaching small to large group CrossFit classes within the Siouxland area while also doing individualized personal training, sports performance coaching and nutrition consulting. She believes and lives by the philosophy that it is each person's responsibility to develop a basic understanding of how the body works and how to meet our body's daily essential needs through consistent healthy lifestyle choices and habits. Through continued education and experience, her plans for the future are to bring the most updated and effective training methods to the Siouxland area. Laura will be coaching our high school group and leading the Edge.Power program.

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Cody Sexton started coaching in the Siouxland area in 2018. He was a student-athlete at Buena Vista University, where he was a member of the football program while receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Following his football career, he received his Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the University of South Dakota. He believes that little things make a big difference and focuses his coaching on making athletes aware of the small details in their training, as they may make a difference in a game and over the course of a season. His favorite lift to coach athletes is the hang clean, because it is rewarding to see when an athlete finally masters and understands the lift. He also enjoys working with athletes to help them achieve their goals on the field/court and loves seeing their hard work in the weight room pay off.

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Zach Brown attended East High School, graduating in 2012. He then went on to graduate from the University of Northern Iowa, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Movement and Exercise Science in 2016. He has been training and coaching in the fitness industry for 4 years throughout the Siouxland area. Before joining United Sports Academy, Zach was most recently with CNOS, specifically at North High School, where he was the Director of Sport Performance. His philosophy is to not only maximize performance and athletic potential but help give insight of bodily function in relation to performance and training. Through experience and further education, he plans to implement methods that are driven by science and guide athletes towards their individual goals and success.

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